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Essential Questions:
  1. What role do forests play in the lives of living things?
  2. What is land degradation and what are its leading causes?
  3. What should be done or policies enacted regarding land degradation?
  4. What are the economic consequences of continuing along this path or changing course?

You Will:
  • learn vocabulary within the context of the unit.
  • understand the role that forests play with the living things that depend on them.
  • understand what is happening to forests and what factors are causing this change.
  • identify what can be done to stop or slow down this change.


What is Deforestation e-school

Air Pollution
Kidcyber Air Pollution

Waste Management:

Pollution Affecting Animals on Land
Plastic Pollution
Pollution Threats
Plastic Affecting Life on Land
Effects on Animals
E School Land Pollution
How Littering Kills Animals PETA
Effects of Land Pollution


  1. Footprint Calculators

There are many varieties of ecological footprint calculators.