Capstone Projects

Denton Avenue Capstone Essays on SDGs

Searingtown Video Projects on Climate Change
Group 1: Emily, Jenny, Connor
Group 2: Max, Tyler, Anjali
Group 3: Constantine, Avni, Ryan
Group 4: Michelle,Edward, Eunice
Group 5: Kaylyn, Justin,Nicole

Denton Avenue Websites on Natural Resources

Aaron's Site
Albert's Site
Allison's Site
Amanda's Site
Armaan's Site
Ashna's Site
Caitlin's Site
Connor's Site
Dana's Site
Hallie's Site
Isabella's Site
John's Site
Kaitlyn's Site
Kendra's Site
Kloie's Site
Krish's Site
Madelyn's Site
Maya's Site
Olivia's Site
Pratham's Site
Samantha's Site
Sreya's Site
Vidhi's Site

Center Street's Websites on the Environment

Aiden's Site
Ayush's Site
Afnan's Site
Angel's Site
Bella's Site
Lina's Site
Maxwell's Site
Sammy's Site
Serena's Site
Shailee's Site
Vivian's Site

Center Street's Slide Shows on Poverty

Lina and Shailee's Slide Show
Maxwell, Afnan and Samantha's Slide Show
Bella and Ayush's Slide Show
Angel and Aiden's Slide Show
Serena and Vivian's Slide Show

Searingtown Websites on Natural Resources
Justin's Site
Emily's Site
Anjali's Site
Nicole's Site
Constantine's Site
Edward's Site
Max's Site
Jenny's Site
Tyler's Site
Ryan's Site
Connor's Site
Michelle's Site
Avni's Site
Eunice's Site